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Monday, July 28, 2014

and now....

The votes have been tallied and we have our contest winners!
but you'll have to click after the break to see just who they are....

First Place Winner: Shannon Lund
“Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed going to aquariums to see the bizarre and alien life forms of the Earth's oceans. One of the more fascinating (to me) of these creatures is the jelly-fish; mostly comprised of water with no eyes, they manage to live in an environment that we find entirely inhospitable with far fewer senses and intelligence (but that is arguable in some cases). Though not my favorite, they are the more beautiful of my tentacle-bearing friends and seem to enjoy some light reading along with myself (please note the terrible pun). Just kidding, they don’t even know what books are!”

Second Place Winner: Kim Herget

“This boy seemed so lonely reading by himself that I decided to join him. It's an excellent way to pass the afternoon.”

Third Place Winner: Shannon Gonzales

“This piece shows that spark of innocence & inspiration when one is motivated and awed by a ‘hero.’”

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  1. Such awesome pictures! They turned out so cool!