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Lexicon of the Weird

Warning: Our vampires suck blood from their victims, are allergic to sunlight and DO NOT SPARKLE. If you are expecting sparkling vampires, please seek them elsewhere as we actually have self-respect.
            This is a world that has been controlled by the Undead since the beginning of time: shadow societies of vampires control the Old World regions in tightly bound fiefdoms whereas the New World is a riot of warring clans, each of which is trying to carve out a piece of the world for their own.
            The humans in this world are largely unaware of the vampires, but a female FBI operative, Christie Steele, has created a computer program that has inadvertently started tracking the movements of the Undead while trying to chart crime on a larger scale. With the help of other victims of vampire attacks, along with some of the Undead themselves, she sets out to take down the most dangerous sect of the vampires yet: a crazed zealot group of revenants led by the mysterious and sadistic Zuriel. 

One Week Window

In the incredibly near future, the police force has been privatized and purchased by a television network, Atlas Productions. The network has then set up a television show, “One Week Window,” featuring a gruesome murder each week where all of the information, intimate and otherwise, regarding the crime, the victim and the victim’s relatives are made available to the viewers, who then are able to participate in the investigation by offering information they themselves have gathered. The catch is this: if the crime is not solved in a week, it is dropped, both from the show and from the police priority list.
            Amidst the chaos and newfound glamour of “One Week Window” is Detective David Armstrong, a tough-as-nails veteran of the force who has found himself thrust into the spotlight despite his strong moral objections. He knows that there is something very wrong with the network’s management of the investigations, and he will stop at nothing to expose the true evil behind “One Week Window,” no matter the cost.

The Green Serpent

In a dystopian future where the population has been decimated by war and rampant illness, intimacy is outlawed and machines facilitate reproduction. In this future, a person’s most valuable possessions are their memories: through a technology created for psychotherapy, memories are harvestable and transmittable to the highest bidder via a total-emersion sarcophagus, simply called a ‘love machine.’ The ‘love machines’ are owned exclusively by the owner of a sketchy, underworld club known as the “Green Serpent,” Ng Xua, who uses her power over the addicted population to extort them out of millions. But with more and more of the machines exhibiting lethal glitches and the martial police of the apocalyptic city getting increasingly suspicious, just how long can Ng Xua stay one step ahead of them?